An online website for art


Work on Paper is a website dedicated to disseminating the work of a selected group of artists who share a great narrative ability. With the internet as a support, we have adopted some differentiating features, one of the most outstanding consists in presenting the collections of paintings and photographs in digital catalogues, whose formats and contents are similar to those published on paper. Each catalogue is like an exhibition. All the authors who have joined this project have done so by invitation, but we would like to see proposals and listen to suggestions. We believe that a highly varied range of works can be exhibited on this online gallery. Our public includes collectors; institutions and companies, while also targeting art lovers keen on collecting. We deal with the graphic works of painters and sculptors and, in the case of photographers, with private and limited editions of copies and portfolios. In the future, our program will incorporate other authors and, at regular intervals, new contributions from the artists whom we represent.